Below is my most recently completed book. The inside content is representative of, what feels like, my rotting insides. On both sides, there are accordion folded pages that pull out. The imagery gets progressively lighter and more colorful towards the outside, symbolic for my hopeful return to health. The binding is a double accordion piano hinge variation. I couldn't get any good images of the spine to show you the neat piano hinge method. You can get an idea of how it works below. The second image is a section of one of the accordion pages when it is laid flat. The general imagery is all a result of experimenting with various hand printmaking methods on a large sheet of paper. And yes, those are old paintbrushes I used as dowels.



I was told by my bf that it is the best thing I have ever made. Though I appreciated the compliment, I would like to think the books I'm currently working on are much better.

Speaking of the fellow, he has been writing in his blog, painstakingly reviewing all the albums in his top 100 list. He mentioned one of my favorites the other day. Etta James' Tell Mama. If you haven't heard it, you most certainly should. He offers a free download of the album at the bottom of the article. Read and download.