I went and printed at the Newark Print Shop today. Here is my favorite print from the day...

Yesterday I finished creating a fabric printing table. I tested out some blocks and made the following print.


Spring 2015

I've been slowly saying goodbye to a lot of old work. Mostly things that I just don't want to hold on to anymore. My main motivation is to make room for new work. I recently sold this large piece from 2009. Overwritten, 2009, dye printed silk fabric, 101x43in.

IMG_3778 IMG_3777

A shot of this piece from 2009.


Here are some more studio shots that I neglected to post. These are some things that I was playing around with this past spring. Many of these were an effort to find ways to reintroduce color back into my larger pieces.






Winter 2015

I realized that I haven't updated in a long time...and not for lack of making work. The school year was very busy and I think I just forgot. Here are some documents of things I was playing around with in the studio during the winter of 2015. Lots of different ideas. New variations on old ideas.

  IMG_1109 IMG_0667 IMG_0651 IMG_0618 IMG_0615 IMG_0614 IMG_0613
 I'm beginning to come to terms with (and like) the white space I always seem to leave on the page.