Winter Break


So, this break has been wonderful. I have been visiting as many people, things, places as possible. I have one more data collection visit for my thesis. Then I get to transcribe it all.

I just got back from Buffalo. I had a great little visit up there talking to my boss's mother for an entire afternoon about weaving. It certainly was fun.

I have been obsessed with buying house plants. Someone needs to stop me.

It is strange...I feel like the semester is almost over already..but it hasn't started yet. One year left of school (forever). It feels really good.

Maybe I will have time to make my own art again...and make music with Seamus again. I look forward to both of those things. Getting a taste of both this winter break was not enough. Tease. I am tired of only posting mediocre digital photographs on here. I want to have new artwork to post.

beep boop bop.