the letter 's'


Been saying goodbye to life in Philly. Going to miss it dearly. Left: work. Right: house. I don't want to get so busy that I won't be able to visit often. Too many people here mean too much to me.

I've been feeling really angry...and weird. I don't know why really. I haven't been this irritable since...high school maybe. I hope it passes. Not being a summer person is not really helping.

Been working on getting studio work and art related volunteer work going in Jersey. Things are looking up for future art. I have some big ideas for the summer. Some of those include...screen printing on grass, plain weave circular tapestry series, backstrap looming, recording on my own for the band, turning my fathers barn into a darkroom for non-silver processes, and getting so tan that my teeth look super white.


One Week


College is just about over now. I was doing some work in the Non-Silver darkroom this weekend and took some shots. I think it has become my favorite medium to work in. It is the room I know I will miss most in the school... Next to the advanced fibers studio for sentimental reasons.

Here is a sample of my most recently finished print. It is a four color gum dichromate print.


I wonder if my landlord will notice if I turned our garage into a darkroom...



This is what my studio...and my entire college career... has been reduced to...
The furniture is not included.


Feets hurt. First Friday was enjoyable. I'm really good at condensing. There is an impulse in me that really wants to just burn all my work and move on, start fresh and clear without anything to reference.


True Involution


This was one of the plainer fabric screen prints I did before the thesis show. It didn't make the cut, though it was really close. It was hard mixing the work from the past couple months and the work I did at the beginning/middle of the school year...even though it is just a generalized and simplified version of what I was doing before.

I think I am going to go sketch (FROM LIFE) in the park...because today is the first day in, I can't remember how long, that I have no real obligation.

Less than a month left in Philadelphia. I have a feeling I'm not quite done here, to be honest.