More Student Work - protozoa

The students are learning about Tetrahymena in their science classes. We were able to devise a co-curricular art project that they can hang in their science room.
This was one of the more fun challenges of student teaching so far. Here are some of their pieces.
DSC_0256 DSC_0255 DSC_0254 DSC_0253


Student Teaching and Fall

I haven't updated in quite a while.

Our nice fall picnic plan was foiled by bees.

So, fall is here, my favorite season, and I am currently doing student teaching at the elementary school level. I have been enjoying it very much. I have been super busy. It is nice to have the end of my student career in view. Here are some pieces by the students from the recent weeks. They are currently working on scary masks. Those won't be done for a couple of weeks.

The first set of pictures are book covers the 4th graders had to design for their ELA portfolios. The subject was imaginary creatures. There are so many good ones it is hard to choose.


The second set are some 5th graders' pieces about role models. They all interpreted the subject in different ways. Some made a more narrative picture and others went more abstract. All of them were great.


I haven't really had time to make my own artwork.