Loom Pendant


Here is the most recent piece I completed for the final in my first metals course. There are other parts below, but I suppose this is the focal point. The piece is directly related to my art education masters thesis. In my Chapter Two: Literature Review, I talk about the benefits of the process that have been identified in previous research. Let me be the first to tell you, there hasn't been much research in the field of art education done about weaving as a beneficial process to visual art students. I spent months looking and I came up with a few actual empirical articles. I had to piece together most of my argument using broader more scholarly texts like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's Flow and Richard Sennett's The Craftsman. (Both really interesting and inspiring texts if you have the time.) I primarily discussed the importance of mastery and exploration of process for all human beings, despite intentions of being an artist, and how this is integral for the inclusive Kindergarten through 12th grade education system/classroom. I diagrammed the benefits of learning with hands-on experience and how it really brings learning into a more long-term realm in the brain. Lastly, and most importantly I talked about the educating of the tactile sense which severely lacks attention in the current American education system. There were other points, and I could keep going, but I will leave it at that.

The assignment for my final piece was to make jewelry for one of the 5 senses. So I thought, "okay...I have literally spent the entire semester developing this point of view on weaving as a beneficial creative process...why not make a loom." So I did. And here you have the product. It is a double-sight (visual sense that changes over time with use and investigation) and touch (process process process). I am really happy with the end product. There are other pieces (yarn cone to hold threads, the beater comb, and a pincushion ring that holds the tapestry needle) below.


The semester is almost over. I have one more class to attend and then it is thesis data collection time. I am actually really excited. It looks like all my anxiety was for naught. You can see the site where I am conducting my research here. The Textile Arts Center is an awesome place and if you live in the NYC/Brooklyn area I highly recommend you check out one of their locations. They hold adult classes in all fiber processes and have artist studio spaces for let as well as galleries to show work.

Alla prossima. Goodnight.


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due date

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New Computer

As you may already know, I have been without a personal computer for the past couple months. I have functioned this entire fall semester without it. But now I am back, with a desktop, and a lot of new abilities...like being able to take my photos off of my camera and putting them in a library. It was nice having a usb drive as my "computer" for a bit...but I'm glad to have my own computer again. Here are some images from this past semester.








still going...


My Official Thesis Title

An Investigation of the Benefits of Studying and Practicing the Creative Process of Weaving for a New Generation of Visual Arts Students

...are you totally and completely bored and annoyed yet?


Most recent metals creation


I probably won't be taking this off for quite a while.

college happened too


Arms detail























Olds but goods.

When I finally get a new computer I will update newer photos.

It looks like I am going to Maine again for a summer vacation week. I'm very excited.

Maine 13

Maine 10

Maine 3


Randolph S4

Photos taken while driving home from Montreal.

Montreal 2

ny 07

Montreal 1

ny 05

the semester, so far.

Randolph S3

I think I have been getting a handle on school, course load, time management, everything. I know it is probably impossible to believe but I am actually kind of ahead. Only slightly. I can have a day of rest today and not feel overwhelmed. I can't wait to have my weekends back.

I haven't been making artwork. My energy and ideas have been stretched thin, only utilized for talking about art education, art theory, art practice, etc...but not on actually DOING. Luckily, the metals studio that I am taking is interesting and devoted to learning processes. It is a new process and exciting, but not the same as sitting at my desk every morning at 8:30am with a cup of coffee and an art journal of my creation, spending hours playing with materials to inspire new ideas for projects. I really miss it. It is all just out of arms reach at this point. I can see the end of my two year plan. I have little more than a year before I can focus my attention on making artwork. Maybe I can even start playing around with music again. Possibly adopt a new friend to spend my days with (dog). It seems so lovely from down here.




Hello everybody. I just wanted to share exciting news with you all. I completed my first creation in metals. It is an astronaut and planet that rotates as if it were drifting in space. I know it isn't THAT impressive...but for my first experience in metals...I am pretty proud of myself. I took a crap photo on my phone after I finished. Here he is.



In other news, trying everyday not to get completely run down and overwhelmed with graduate thesis writing and planning. Haven't really had time to make artwork outside of classes. Next summer is going to feel so good.



DSC_0116 (...patterns!)

The new school year has begun. I am already working hard on my thesis. This year is going to be tough. I have decided to make my topic about the process of weaving and its potential benefits for enriching an art curriculum. As of now, the idea is broad. I need to get more specific. I will need to figure out who I want to interview, students? educators? weaver/artists? I am leaning towards weavers. We shall see. There isn't much literature on the subject so I am sure it will be open for me to do whatever I want. Maybe I could manage to interview Sheila Hicks. That would be fun.

I am also finally taking a metals course this semester. I originally went to art school with intentions of learning how to weld and make metal sculpture. I wound up getting really interested in printmaking and weaving and never had the time. I am very excited.