I got a wonderful surprise visit from some Philly friends this weekend. It makes me really miss the city. I miss having the community of amazing artists that surrounded me while I was there. I need to get back.

Also, the visit made me realize how little art work I have been making in comparison to what I used to do. I have never been this stressed out and anxious without time for an outlet. Things are getting worse. The worrying needs to stop. I need to find time to make art consistently again. I also need to find time for more physical activity. I hate sitting in a car/classroom for most of my day. Grad school is not treating me right. I will not let it beat me.




This is a small scan of a book cover that I have been filling on and off for the past month. With all the school work and stress, I have to release anxiety somehow. It is 1'6" X 11". I will be case binding with it and making myself a new sketch book over the next couple weeks.

I have been experimenting with paper making processes a lot lately. It is wet, very wet, but really inspiring work. With every edition of paper I make, I have a million new ideas for possibilities of exploiting this process in my more personal expressive work.