DSC_0116 (...patterns!)

The new school year has begun. I am already working hard on my thesis. This year is going to be tough. I have decided to make my topic about the process of weaving and its potential benefits for enriching an art curriculum. As of now, the idea is broad. I need to get more specific. I will need to figure out who I want to interview, students? educators? weaver/artists? I am leaning towards weavers. We shall see. There isn't much literature on the subject so I am sure it will be open for me to do whatever I want. Maybe I could manage to interview Sheila Hicks. That would be fun.

I am also finally taking a metals course this semester. I originally went to art school with intentions of learning how to weld and make metal sculpture. I wound up getting really interested in printmaking and weaving and never had the time. I am very excited.