the semester, so far.

Randolph S3

I think I have been getting a handle on school, course load, time management, everything. I know it is probably impossible to believe but I am actually kind of ahead. Only slightly. I can have a day of rest today and not feel overwhelmed. I can't wait to have my weekends back.

I haven't been making artwork. My energy and ideas have been stretched thin, only utilized for talking about art education, art theory, art practice, etc...but not on actually DOING. Luckily, the metals studio that I am taking is interesting and devoted to learning processes. It is a new process and exciting, but not the same as sitting at my desk every morning at 8:30am with a cup of coffee and an art journal of my creation, spending hours playing with materials to inspire new ideas for projects. I really miss it. It is all just out of arms reach at this point. I can see the end of my two year plan. I have little more than a year before I can focus my attention on making artwork. Maybe I can even start playing around with music again. Possibly adopt a new friend to spend my days with (dog). It seems so lovely from down here.