nothing to be concerned about

Very well then, I haven't posted since before Maine, and there is much to be touched upon.

First off, Maine. Acadia...What an absolutely beautiful place. I hiked nearly everyday I was there, got a nice little tan, enjoyed the genuine sent of fresh air, and set my anxieties at ease with the sound of true quiet. I revived my childhood love of rock collecting along the way. My sister was infinitely amused with my goofiness and we created many a new inside joke phrase. I took a ton of photos, but due to the fact that I am still visiting my parents, I don't have the chord on me to upload. I'll post some later on for inspirational purposes.

So far I spent one night in New Brunswick house. I am excited to get back.
On the drive back from Maine, I had a strange rush of doubt and felt unnerved when I thought on the next two years. Going back to school is a good choice on many practical levels, but for some reason, I still have the overwhelming feeling of intimidation in being my age and going back to grad school. I'm sure it will pass once I get started. I feel really smart and extremely dumb at the same time.

I think once I get settled in New Jersey again, I will feel more confident and my choices will start making sense again. I also might start making some substantial art work again. The root of this probably is that I haven't actually been making.


(Click to view larger)

1. Pink Granite from Cadillac Mt.
2. "
3. Striped ocean rock from Sand Beach
4. Tiger striped blue rock from Bubble Pond
5. Barnacle covered rock from Wonderland Trails