So, the move out of Philadelphia is pretty much done. I will post pictures of the new house as soon as I take them. I spent my last night in Philly itunes visualizing with Astrid and Justin to Ladies and Gentlemang... Now on to adapt to New Brunswick.

I've been planning some projects for the summer, and setting up a studio in the basement of my parents house next to my father's model making studio. My father will be making monster movie models while I draft patterns and weave. Nice combination.

I have been having terrible nightmares. Lots of imagery of dismembered people and disturbing abandoned rooms with no doors. Hopefully they go away soon. I would like to get some real sleep.

Lastly, I am a part of a show opening at Nexus Gallery in the Crane Arts building this Thursday (June 10th 6-9pm). Make it out if you can. If not, it will be up for a month.