Harry Bertoia

So, a lot has been going on in the gallery lately. I thought I should blog about it.

I am really excited for the upcoming exhibition. We have been working really hard and it seems to be paying off. The show is currently featured in and article (and corresponding slide-show) at dwell.com.

The work is really fantastic. It is also extremely inspiring, for me personally, considering the similarities I am finding in his handling of formalism through printmaking processes, and the works I have been making in the medium for the past three years. The exhibition will also feature Bertoia's furniture design as they coincide with different pieces. It is amazing how technically, both mediums are so different, but for Bertoia, each visually informed the other. One example is the relationship between his renowned Diamond Chair and one of the many Untitled prints and their use of a bending and warping grid.

Here is a good quotation that I felt summed up my feelings. Kelly Murphy, my coworker, said this to dwell:
"I personally was trained as print-maker and have worked with many artists to produce editions. While printmaking can be very innovative, there is a certain level of control necessary to reproduce the same results. I find it very interesting that Bertoia used printmaking, in a way, to lose control and allow himself to explore his senses."

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