sublime in abstraction


img003This winter break is going really well. I have been getting back to drawing out ideas for larger pieces with new and different materials. I hope to have time to experiment, execute, and document before the semester begins. We will see. It is nice to have a little more time to do so. Expect pictures of my new ideas and drawings.

Also, I might just be biased, but I really recommend seeing On Line at MOMA. Go if you have the chance. It was actually really interesting drawing parallels between my personal evolution concerning abstract line drawings and the material transition of the curated pieces through the time frame. My progression is a microcosm of the greater push from the early 20th century to today's conceptual art. I was naturally moving this way without giving extensive thought to the timeline, no pun intended, of previous artists and their handling of line. Seeing the exhibit kind of gave me the recharge I needed. It was particularly beneficial seeing the work of Nasreen Mohamedi in person. After reading a bit more about her work and her life, I feel almost more connected to her than dear Agnes Martin.