So, the show is up and ready to be seen. I am very excited to be done. Glad everything came together as well as it did. The great hall is overwhelming. There is really so much good work coming out of this graduating class in crafts. Sometimes over-ambition is a good thing.

If you don't already know the show opens TODAY in Hamilton Hall from 5-7pm. There is also a private opening on Sat. from 5-8pm. It will be up for a week. So, come see what we have all been working so hard on this year.

On a side note, I finally figured out what to do with my business cards. I think it is appropriate.
front and back...

Photo 56Photo 135

Also glad that worked out as well as it did.

I have been really enlivened thinking about all the work I would like to make when I get time again. After this is over, it will be great to keep working on art outside of an academic setting and without people breathing down my neck. It is strange because after hanging my work for the show, I realized how far off my thinking is visually from all my thesis work. Probably going to stem off far away from fibers and pick up a paintbrush again this summer. That will be nice.